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Who are we?

StepStone, a stone in a riverbed, a support point along the way, for the families we meet. We get our motivation and inspiration from our Christian philosophy.

What are we doing?

Our welfare home

We are a support center for vulnerable families in and around Brussels who find it difficult to make ends meet and/or to connect with society.  They have a very specific need for a social network, for support in their upbringing and in the practical living conditions of the family.

Our training center

Families are faced with the question of how they can shape their family today based on Christian values. We want to be traveling companions with them and offer training and encounters around these themes.

Our team

Portret van Senior Woman

Miet Demaerel-Vanbeckevoort


Kerk koor lid Vrouw 2

Jenny Gunst

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Support us

StapSteen vzw
IBAN BE21 6528 1576 2103

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Where can you find us?

StapSteen vzw
Chrysantenstraat 33
1020 Laken

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