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JEZ! (Jong en zot) is the youth collective of VTM, Qmusic, HLN (with the support of Belfius).
Together with 200 partner organisations, all kinds of actions are set up for the benefit of children and young people in Flanders and Brussels.

With the help of JEZ! we are trying to raise enough money to carry out our project
"Play, learn, Explore": city kids discover a new world.
raise money to get our StapSteen kids'on track.

With this project, we create a space for kids, where they develop self-confidence,
practice their social skills, where learning is fun. A place where they are invested in, where their potential is seen, where they can work on their creativity and where they can meet each other.


We invite Brussels kittens aged 6-12 to join us on track: forming a play-learning group with peers during the school year and going out together.


The content of the 'on track' group: weekly play-learning moments, getting help with homework, learning together, developing and discovering talents, exploring the city, making friends, relaxing and playing.


Simultaneously and concurrently, the kids choose an "Explore-track" : a topic they work on monthly through workshops, trips or cool activities.


The possible tracks are:

Discovering sports

Learning entrepreneurship

Creativity and art

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We know it can be done! We believe this project will make children grow!

We just lack the funds for it. Until 31 March 2023, you can support StapSteen by starting a campaign or donating money.


Every penny counts and the amount collected will be doubled by the JEZ! Fund


Will you also save with us and share the project as much as possible with your friends, relatives or colleagues?  Everyone can make a difference!

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Help us start this project!

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Samen met de kleurrijke Stapsteen VZW achterban verzamelden we de heerlijkste recepten uit onze wereldkeukens. De meest bijzondere kruiden van deze recepten brachten we samen tot een overheerlijk kruidenpakket.


Samen met de recepten is elk kruidenpakket een ontdekkingsreis aan smaken geworden.

Laat je dus zeker verleiden én verrassen! En daarna... SMAKELIJK!

De inkomsten van élk kruidenpakket dat we verkopen wordt door JEZ! verdubbeld. Daarom loopt deze actie tot 31 maart 2023

Je kan je bestelling gratis afhalen in ons Stapsteen kantoor in Laken (Brussel)

of voor een kleine meerkost ontvangen in je brievenbus (ten laatste april 2023)

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