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Solidarity family support


Home-Start is an international movement of family support initiatives where volunteers support families at home in a strength-oriented manner according to the Home-Start program.

Home-Start believes that social support and a strong network in our society are protective factors for families in a vulnerable situation. During a Home-Start trajectory, children, young people and their parents experience how they can use their strengths and social network, so that they can solve common minor problems that are part of normal parenting and growing up.  

Stapsteen is the local branch of Home-Start Flanders in Brussels.


Le Petit vélo jaune is a Brussels welfare partner that supports about 100 families a year through volunteers at home, just like our mobile team from StapSteen does.
They have a very well-developed methodology and a very well-developed operation with 7 team members.
Over the next three years, we will be working with them in Brussels, receiving in-home coaching and also financial support which will allow us to employ 2 half-time staff in our mobile team.
We click particularly well with their vision, values and approach. Together we are going to work for the families in Brussels.

Le petit velo jaune

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