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Home-Start Visiting team


What is the visiting team?

Volunteers who support a family by visiting their homes regularly and participating in their daily activities and/or practical services, that is our visiting team.

We want to support and encourage young families from StapSteen “at home” and go along with them on a part of their life. At the same time, we want to give the children in their current situation some relaxation, affection and stimulation in the different areas of life.


Through the regular presence of the volunteer within the family, we want to increase the capacity and skills of the educators, broaden the social network of the family and contribute preventively to the well-being of the children. The volunteer spends some time with the family every week. What we do there is always done in consultation with the parents.


Listening, non-judgmentally, and simply empathizing is an important aspect of our operation. By paying attention to the parents' own needs, even if we can't solve them, we want to help them better understand the needs of their young children.


The StapSteen volunteer wants to support a family where the parents, for various reasons, find it difficult to offer their young children (up to 12 years) the necessary nesting warmth, security and structure.

What is Home Start?

Home-Start is an international movement of family support initiatives where volunteers support families at home in a strength-oriented manner according to the Home-Start program.

Home-Start believes that social support and a strong network in our society are protective factors for families in a vulnerable situation. During a Home-Start trajectory, children, young people and their parents experience how they can use their strengths and social network, so that they can solve common minor problems that are part of normal parenting and growing up.  

Stapsteen is the local branch of Home-Start Flanders in Brussels.


Moedergroep/perinatale ondersteuning



De moedergroep van Stapsteen is ...

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Become volunteer!

Would you like to become a volunteer of the visiting team? Sign up via the button below!

Become volunteer!

Would you like to become a volunteer of the visiting team? Sign up via the button below!

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